school spm

School life gonna end soon! Isn't it sounds great,right? Obviously yeah!
But seriously at the same time I feel so much sad bcs no more chance to play or gather with friends. Always talk nonsense everytime we chat.
4 Paper left!
I still can't believe that I already old enough to have a driving license. My mom said that after Spm I can take a class on driving but she doesn't give me permission on motor class. She cares a lot about me. She thought that riding motorbike can harm my life so that she won't give it. Actually, I had persuade her since last year then she said , " Nana, just wait until you finish the Spm . I'ii give you money to get the car license. Don't worry ".

What can I do. I just can " okay mom" that moment when you saw your friends all know how to ride the motorbike but you don't. I was okay actually but when I still can't hold my rasa bersalah bila terpaks suruh my adopt mother to send me out. Perasaan dia serious rasa menyusahkan. Kita tak nak diri kita dianggap beban but em yela. Salah aku jgk knoe tak nak naik basikal hijo tu. Bukan tak nak tapi tak larat nak kayuh ( actually malas). Jenuh nak pujuk umi(biological mother) bagi aku peluang bawak motor but umi tetap ngan pendirian dia. Umi kata dah banyak kes accident motor tu sebab dia tak nak anak dia bawak motor. Tambah lagi , aku ni jenis yang jalan kaki pon bole accident mana tak lagi dio riso kan? 10 tahun jadi bongsu la katakan. Hahaha. Em redha je la apa yan jadi. Setiapyang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya, ye dok? Takpe nanti terus amik lesen.

lepas tu, umi tanya nak amik lesen kat ne , antara ipoh aau pohong. of course aku kata ipoh. tapi orasng kata ipoh banyak kereta susah. em tapi aku task nak duduk pahang. senanye my parents dah dapat tukar daripada sarawak ke pahang . alhamdullilah. akhirnya ! kalau bole nak duduk ngn umi tp umi jauh nun kt pahang. pahang dah la nak dekat johor. rasa sayang plk nak tinggalkan ipoh ni. ipoh ramai kawan. crush pon kat sini hahhaha. lol.

seriously, tak sangka aku nak tamat zaman sekolah dan masih single tak pernah erjebak dengan dunia couple. aku bangga ngn diri aku.! yeah! pada aku la, org yg tak couple bukan maksud ketinggalan zaman or what but dia nak yg terbaik untuk diri dia. actually, tak nak benda yang sama jadi macam mak aku. pardon my father. em. tak tahu kenapa, aku nak cari orang yang bertanggungjawab, baik ngn taat perintah Allah, ( handsome pon nak!) sebab bila aku cari orang yang macam ni maybe kesilapan kali kedua takkan berlaku lagi. InshaAllah. semoga Allah jodohkan aku dgn org yg beriman. em, kalau org korea pon leh jgk, dia masuk Islam then jadi umat islam yang baik, of course , aku suka dia! pikir masa depan bukan selalu.


After all the obstacles I've faced, I feel like I was the most powerful girl in the world. Try to think about it again, it's isn't simple for the young girl to manage her life with all the problems that she had until now. A big clap for me !!! Yeeheheeeyyyyy !

I'm not a loner to have a power but also my family. We all suffered the same things together and alhamdullilah we did it ! We success in getting out from the evil's place. Allah gave us a guidance and make us realise what was the truth behind all of this. 

From age of 10 years old until now , I'm waiting for the miracle to happen on my family. I want all of us to gather back just like before exclude my father. I don't even excited to see him. 

Sometimes people said, 
" He is your father , you should not do that. In any points of, he still your father and you need to keep your respect on him. " 

People just know to say that word but if them was in my place , Do they will do the same just like me ? We'd a lot of problems after him get out from our life. 

Seriously, If he know his own responsibility , do his ever left us ? He might feels a little bit regret to choose the wrong path , but none of those feeling in his life to be exact. 

Thanks to him, I feel like I love my mother and my siblings more. I feel so grateful to have them in my life. Being with them really make me feels happy. 

Hence , I'm proud to have such a best mother in my life! she knows how to treat me from young until noww auchhh ai love her so much bebehhh. She will do everything to make her daughters live in a comfortable life. She buys our clothes but none of it for her. Sometimes, I feel like I wanna buy her clothes but I couldn't afford for it bcs of my mom a bit shrewish for what she wear. So , I need to work to get a salary then I will ask her to choose anythings she wants in her life. 

My one and only superman, Umi . 
Saranghae ❤

Raya !

assalamualaikum. this is our 3rd eidulfitri right? I'm here wishing all the best Raya celebration on your family. For those who will face a hard time after Raya this year, please don't enjoy too much! think about you trial first instead of Raya. otherwise, you will regret in your lifetime future. I'm as student who will sit as a Spm student know how hard to celebrate Raya this year. 
Our family didn't have any picture taken. it's only just selfie that we took only with my siblings. I feels upset because our family didn't have memories together.