Black Prince Crush

You get me a hard time ! Don't you know that ! I couldn't stop think about you every minutes and second . Why would all of the people in this world it was YOU ? The boy that already have someone or maybe have a lot of girls surrounds his life. 

The day I want to forget you, you appear by yourself. In many ways I tried to avoid you, it seem likes I can't do that! 

late of night I had been a nighthinker who didn't think about any other matters but indeed my loves one. It was my first time to say this word ' LOVE ' , seriously. Although, I have like so many but I never said to them it was ' love ' because it doesn't seem like Love . I'm not put as it was serious cause I just want to kill time with trying to like somebody. but it's not this time! 

His name , face , height and most of his cute side of voice remains onto my thought per day. 

I pushed my head from looking at you. I saw you walking, talking , laughing and so on but I can't hide it how happy I was at that time. 

Are you feel the same way as me ? 

What do you think about me H ?

K, bye. 

Btw , study well my little black prince of crush your PT3 about around the corner. Make sure yoy can strive it better ! saranghae 💕


That moment when you really really wants to forget him but you totally can't do that. You keep thinking of him whenever you go. It's already about 6 days maybe I couldn't see him since the school had a holiday, but my thought never stop from mentioning his name. What should I do ? I totally want to forget him! Raya Haji just gone and my feeling was the same like Raya EidulFitri before, it's going deeper.

Sometimes, I do feel regret to start liking him but that was not my fault at all. He the one who appears in front of my eyes ! He's the one who looking at him with those eyes! Am I the one who need to be blame with ? Please ! STAY AWAY FROM ME ! Don't ever stand in front of me. Don't let yourself watching him from far away, nana ! Ignore what your brain wants; watch him or what ! 

After what my friends told me about him, It's keep disturbing me and somehow I feel like I can't forget him eventhough he was like that. A playboy ! Isn't it was hard for a boy to confess his feeling like that (face to face ) ? How come he get those confident if it was the first time to be in love ? It's not the first he was likes that. He might have a lot of girls by his side right now. He change ? I don't think so. 

I'm already 17 years old and him was 15 years old. How shameless it was when a girl likes a guy who are younger and obsessed with that guy too ! Have you ever heard the peribahasa melayu said ' Perigi cari timba ' ? huh. em.

Actually, I'm going to stop this feeling. I'm not going to let his name be in my brain. In fact, throw his name to the other worlds so that I won't remembered about him anymore. lol. Life isn't fair at all ! 


After all the obstacles I've faced, I feel like I was the most powerful girl in the world. Try to think about it again, it's isn't simple for the young girl to manage her life with all the problems that she had until now. A big clap for me !!! Yeeheheeeyyyyy !

I'm not a loner to have a power but also my family. We all suffered the same things together and alhamdullilah we did it ! We success in getting out from the evil's place. Allah gave us a guidance and make us realise what was the truth behind all of this. 

From age of 10 years old until now , I'm waiting for the miracle to happen on my family. I want all of us to gather back just like before exclude my father. I don't even excited to see him. 

Sometimes people said, 
" He is your father , you should not do that. In any points of, he still your father and you need to keep your respect on him. " 

People just know to say that word but if them was in my place , Do they will do the same just like me ? We'd a lot of problems after him get out from our life. 

Seriously, If he know his own responsibility , do his ever left us ? He might feels a little bit regret to choose the wrong path , but none of those feeling in his life to be exact. 

Thanks to him, I feel like I love my mother and my siblings more. I feel so grateful to have them in my life. Being with them really make me feels happy. 

Hence , I'm proud to have such a best mother in my life! she knows how to treat me from young until noww auchhh ai love her so much bebehhh. She will do everything to make her daughters live in a comfortable life. She buys our clothes but none of it for her. Sometimes, I feel like I wanna buy her clothes but I couldn't afford for it bcs of my mom a bit shrewish for what she wear. So , I need to work to get a salary then I will ask her to choose anythings she wants in her life. 

My one and only superman, Umi . 
Saranghae ❤