3rd day trial

Tomorrow have english Test ! huhukkk. But here is me , on the bed and looking at the quotes. It's all shows my feelings that I couldn't said to anyone. It sucks. 

My hobbies is to read quotes as that can make my english will be more better. I am truly agree  that I've no confident in speaking at the classroom. I feel so ashamed with my grammatical error and pronounciation. That's why I starting to find myself read those quotes. Improvement need time ! 

Seriously, these quotes all are related with my feeling right now. lol. Love in one sided. 
Isn't it cruel to like someone that is not like us back ? I'm just wasting my times think about the people that wasn't mine.

2nd day Trial

Currently feels bored right now.

I can say that most of people think that I was wrong to be on this blog today. I know right, tomorrow have a exam but still I'm going to share with you guys about what I did today. em. it's not interesting and please, for those who didn't like my entry , get out from this blog! I have no time to please people.

Actually, I have an exam tomorrow which is Historical paper 1, paper 2 and also biology paper 1. Since that both of these subject need a lot of revision , I'm trying to focus only one of that. According to my target, I didn't put Sejarah on the list because I don't know the right tips to get A in sejarah. thus , I've no interest to study history at all. for me , the past is the past. Why should we remembered it again ? Lol, actually it's not the reason why I didn't put it on the list, I just hate to read. Historical's subject have a lot of fact that we need to memorize.

Hence that, I just study Biology and now just stop from a while. I've no people around me right now, my sister didn't here, it makes me feel more stress when there is none of the people that I can talk and do funny things. If I just study for 24/7 , do you know what will happened on me ? I will crying for a day ! Serious! NO LYING ! I'm a girl who are simply got into tears over tiny problems. hahahha. Sensitive^^

Exam Bahasa Melayu on this morning just like erkk when can I put idiomatic experission?? The topics that have given to us was really hard to explain in essay. Write after I finishe one pharagraph of essay, I already feel want to give up from continuing with another paragraphs. It really doesn't have any ideas in my brain at all !

First day trial ended !

Balik rumah je umi tanya .

" Macam mane exam ? boleh jawab ke ? "

Memang terkezut jugak la tiba tiba je umi tanya macam tu sebab biasanya kalau exam biasa tak de pulak tanya macam tu . huhu. time umi tanya tu aku be like -,- . soalan susah tu tak la sangat, cuma masalah tak ingat lepas tu problem dalam minit per minit tu. huhuk.

Yang paling buat aku stress harini FIZIK lah. huhu gila enko ! aku dah lukis susunan radas punya la lawo kt dlm kertas tu lepas tu tiba tib ade bisikan syaiton direjam suruh aku padam balik. Aku pegi lukis air ! lolssss . keluar dewan cek cek kertas tengok salah lukis. bengang tu memang bengang la tp nak buat macam mana sis redha dengan ape yg jadi.

Kimia tadi pon alhamdullilah bole la jawab. em bole la . bole laa ~~~. (( nenek tak pandai kimia cu ))

Biologi. fuhh ! fuhhh ~ mati mati ingatkan keluar yg bab 6 last last oagi pegi sekolah tu budak kelas sebelah kata tc sruh baca bab 8 punya. memang kelam la waktu tu. tak baca langsung kot! baru nak belek. exam dah la start pkul 7.40 pg. Erm baca sekilas lalu je. alhamdullilah masuk dewan tu ingat la jgk ekperimen yg aku baca tu.

overall. hari ni exam bole bole la. takde la sampai blank tahap ape. huhu. mana yang aku dah sedar kesalahan diri tu, aku cuba perbaiki untuk exam yang seterusnya. InshaaAllah rezeki kat mana mana ade.

sape yang baca post aku ni , doa la kejayaan aku nanti ok ? hehe.

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